The international community together with Afghan counterparts identified a serious gap in relation to leadership training within the ANP.  If the Afghan Ministry of the Interior (MoI) is to assume full and independent leadership of policing and police security programs in Afghanistan, it must have current and succeeding generations of leaders with the competency and experience to adopt responsibility and lead the organisation successfully.  


The MoI and our international partners agreed that EUPOL would take the lead in supplementing ANP training in those areas not being consistently covered so far by the international community, namely leadership and management as well as specialised training.  It was agreed that a Police Staff College should be established as the platform for the delivery of leadership training. Through the EC Instrument for Stability (IfS) funding, a Police Staff College with a capacity for 300 students will be established for the delivery of further training and education for police officers. The EUPOL Lead is through the EUPOL Training Component (ETC). Training delivery will focus on Afghan National Police General Ranks, Higher Ranks and Officers Ranks. Training has been developed to align the ANP Rank structure with internationally recognised command levels, Gold, Silver and Bronze or Strategic, Operational and Tactical. 

It was agreed that EUPOL would deliver training prior to the construction being completed, in the framework of the Police Staff College.  In the interim period EUPOL have been utilising facilities/accommodation within the Border Faculty at the Kabul Police Academy. Agreement has been reached that the preferred site for the Police Staff College (see model left) will be Police District 12 in Kabul with construction due to be completed by autumn 2013.  On the 18th October 2011, the contract was signed between the MOI, EU Delegation, EUPOL and Implementing Partner IOM to enable construction work to start. On 26th November 2011 a formal groundbreaking ceremony was conducted by the EU Special Representative Vygaudas Usackas, former EUPOL Head of Mission, Brigadier General Jukka Savolainen and Afghan Minister of Interior Bismillah Khan to mark this significant event.  

Over 4000 Afghan National Police students (2013) have participated in leadership training at the temporary Police Staff College. This marks not only a significant milestone in relation to the work carried out by ETC, but also the significant progress being made by the EUPOL Mission in Afghanistan, our key partners NTM-A, GPPT and the Afghan National Police Training General Command under the leadership of Lieutenant General Patang. Courses delivered to date include: District Commanders Courses, Zone and Provincial Commanders Seminars, Leadership and Management Courses, Captain to Major Promotion Courses, Advanced Train the Trainer Courses, Senior Investigating Officers (SIO) Courses and Female Promotion Courses. 


 In addition a Leadership Competency Framework for the ANP and a High Potential Development Scheme (HPDS) has been developed.  The Competency Framework can be used for the purposes of recruitment, selection, promotion, self development, training, performance assessment and compilation of job descriptions.  The primary aim of the HPDS, is to identify officers with the potential to achieve the highest ranks in the service and to ensure they are equipped with the required skills to become highly effective in senior executive management, command and leadership roles.


ETC are now also delivering specialist CID training within a number of classrooms at the NTM-A /ANP Central Training Centre in Kabul. A new crime management college is underway.