Police, prosecutors and defense lawyers should work together

 Kabul, October 2014. A five-day ATLAS (Access to the Legal Aid System) training and coordination workshop took place at EUPOL HQ to train attendees on the essential legal aid principles, laws and regulations related to interrogations and rights of detainees. In addition to that, the training focused on the ways to enhance access to legal aid for vulnerable groups as well as reviewing procedures in case of complaints and grievances.

“We bring policing closer to the people”

 Kabul, October 2014. For 2nd Lieutenant Mohammad Hakim becoming a police officer was a childhood dream: “Many people want to serve their country as a doctor or engineer but I chose to be a police officer. From an early age I had this passion to wear the police uniform and serve my people.”

After graduating from the Afghan National Police Academy (ANPA) four years ago, Hakim started to work at the Zone 3 Training and Education Center, and since two years he works in Police District 16 (PD16) of Kabul as the Head of Training and Education.

Students in Qabel Bai School received a thousand school bags and books

 Kabul October 2014.One thousand school bags and cartoon books have been distributed by Kabul City Police-e Mardume Department (Community Policing) to the students of Qabel Bai School within Police District 9 (PD9) in Kabul.

Practical safety training for EUPOL staff

 Kabul, October 2014.  EUPOL Mission Members have again participated in some relevant and realistic training at a local Afghan National Army training area. 

The event was designed to acquaint Mission Members with the types of weapons the EUPOL Private security company uses, as well as introducing them to the tactics and procedures employed in the event of an incident.

Mission Members had the opportunity to shoot several weapons in a very controlled and safe environment as well as then experiencing a live fire extraction exercise with the EUPOL Private security company.

“I loved the police uniform from when I was a teenager”

 Kabul, October 2014. Captain Suhaila, after working for 35 years as a police officer, is now the Head of Human Rights within Police District 6 (PD6) in Kabul. “I loved the police uniform from when I was a teenager. Therefore, I joined the police to serve my people”, says Suhaila. 

This wasn’t her only motivation, Suhaila’s family also encouraged her to join the police. She married a police officer and her son is a police officer as well. Three members of her family, including her, are now serving in the police force of Afghanistan. 

EUPOL Afghanistan - We are recruiting – Join our team - Deadline: 31st October 2014

Kabul, October 2014. Do you want to work in a dynamic and international environment? Are you determined and looking for new challenges? We're looking for brilliant people to join us and make a difference here at the EUPOL Mission in Afghanistan. Do you happen to be an experienced training/policing professional who could be the Head of the Afghan National Police Professionalisation and Training Component? (seconded position), or a rule of law professional who could be our new Head of Rule of Law? (seconded position).


Brussels/Kabul. Just a reminder that from tomorrow, 14th October to 16th October 2014 there will be a ‘Security Jam’ (see below explanation about the event).  During this period the Head of Mission will be taking part as a VIP participant in Forum number 2: ‘The EU as a security broker’. He will post an initial statement tomorrow and then others will comment.

“The only way to success is to work closely with the people and gain their trust!”

 Kabul, October 2014. 23-year-old 1st Sergeant Mohammad Saleem is a young policeman who is a role-model for his other colleagues due to his good behaviour with the people. Saleem starts his job at 8:30 in the morning. For two and a half years, Saleem has been working as a computer operator, registering the names of people visiting the Police District 5 (PD5) in Kabul. He provides the people information and guidance on how to submit their applications.

Women on a mission

Kabul, October 2014. Currently, approximately 20 percent of the entire international staff of EUPOL Afghanistan are women. But the Mission is keen to recruit more female police officers and civilians to ensure a better gender balance. How is it to work as a female EUPOL expert in Afghanistan? Four Mission members – two police officers and two civilians – reflect on their time in the mission.

EUPOL workshop plans support for sustainable transition

Kabul, 7 October 2014. Several EUPOL mission members have come together to discuss and agree how institutional reform will be implemented and measured within the Ministry of the Interior. The workshop was facilitated by UK officer David Oram who explained that the workshop had three broad aims, to 'ensure that Human Rights and Gender together with Anti-corruption, are referenced and mainstreamed, to reach an understanding on how to effectively report activity and outcomes and to agree on what advising at the strategic level should entail.'