Our info policy is based on a pro-active approach with full transparency on mission objectives and a timely response to enquiries. Press and Public info Office communicates the mission’s mandate and news to the press and general public in Afghanistan and beyond. PPIO provides newsletters, images, press releases and interviews. The EUPOL website and intranet are also maintained by the PPIO. It is the  first point of contact for journalist seeking info.

Our central aim is to explain what EUPOL is doing and respond to enquiries about our work.

Contact us:

christiane.buck@eupol-afg.eu or sari.haukka-konu@eupol-afg.eu

 Cell: +93 (0)793 990 597

Christiane Buck
Chief PPIO



Sari Haukka-Konu


Terry Scaife
Social Media and Crisis Communications Expert