27.05.2013    The Council extends the mandate of the police mission in Afghanistan until the end of 2014  
  08.05.2013   Official groundbreaking ceremony starts the construction of a Crime Management College  
  11.03.2013    UNDP Signs MoU with EUPOL and MoI to Fight Violence Against Women
  16.12.2012    Launch of Legal Aid Leaflets and Posters
  04.09.2012    Launch of Awareness Raising Campaign
  11.08.2012    Karl Ake Roghe takes up his post as the new EUPOL Afghanistan Head of Mission
  10.07.2012     New Head of Mission for EUPOL Afghanistan  
  08.02.2012     First Joint Police-Prosecutor Cooperation Manual
   31.01.2012    Recruiting More Female Police Officers Helps Fighting Crime
   22.01.2012    European Union supports Afghanistan TV crime series
   14.12.2011   “Commissar Amanullah” - TV Project about Afghan Police Empowerment Signed
  26.11.2011    Stone Laying Ceremony for Police Staff College
  10.10.2011    German Minister of the Interior Visits Afghan Police Staff College
  27.05.2011    NATO and EUPOL Afghanistan Strengthen Cooperation
  08.05.2011    EUPOL Afghanistan reiterates its support to Afghan National Police
  07.03.2011    EUPOL Afghanistan – Dedicated to Combating Violence against Women
  29.01.2011    Better Leadership for the Afghan National Police
  01.01.2011    Hungary Takes Over the Presidency of the Council of the EU
  08.12.2010    EUPOL Afghanistan improving the Human Right standards within Afghan National Police
  08.12.2010    European Police Mission supports Afghanistan to fight Corruption
  02.12.2010    Towards an Accountable Police and a Social Dialog
  25.10.2010    EUPOL Afghanistan, ISAF and NTM-A/CSTC-A Tighten Cooperation
  14.10.2010    EU Signs SOMA with Afghanistan
  15.07.2010    Jukka Savolainen has been Appointed as the New EUPOL Head of Mission
  18.05.2010    EUPOL Afghanistan Extended for 3 years
  08.05.2010    EUPOL Afghanistan Supports Afghan Police
  07.03.2010    EUPOL Actively Supporting The Position Of Women In Afghan Police
  28.02.2010    EUPOL Supports Human Rights
  24.02.2010    Agreement Signed to Fight Corruption
  13.02.2010    EUPOL – A Reliable Partner in Rebuilding the Afghan Police
  20.01.2010    Basic Criminal Investigation Course for Afghan Police
  09.12.2009    Joining Efforts to Make Human Rights Work
  09.12.2009    New campaign marks Anti - Corruption Day
  25.11.2009    EUPOL Biker Training for Afghan Police
  04.11.2009    Further steps to fight corruption
  01.10.2009    Basic human rights playing bigger role in police training
  24.09.2009    EUPOL completes its assessment of Afghan police work during the Presidential and Provincial Council elections
  22.07.2009    Ministry of Interior's anti-corruption implementation programme approved
  28.03.2009    EUPOL starts large scale police training
  16.03.2009    EU condemns the heinous terrorist attack
  02.02.2009    EU was applled by the terrorist attack
  09.12.2008    EU HR Javier Solana met Hanif ATMAR,Afghan Minister of the Interior
  10.11.2008    Extract from GAERC conclusions on ESDP, Brussels, 10 November 2008
  03.10.2008    EU High Representative congratulates new Police Commissioner on his appointment as the new Head of EUPOL
  25.09.2008    EUPOL Afghanistan: EUPOL Head Of Mission completes his tour of duty
  02.07.2008    EUPOL completes deployment in the South
  26.05.2008    Council Conclusions
  23.04.2008    EU HR Javier SOLANA confirms EU's commitment to Afghanistan
  03.02.2008    Completion of the EUPOL Criminal Investigation Training for the Attorney General's Office
  10.12.2007    Council Conclusions, Brussels (English)
  10.12.2007    Council Conclusions, Brussels (French)
  15.06.2007    EU police mission in Afghanistan starts