• The Training Component delivers training to Afghan Police officers in accordance with the Mission objectives. Training is primarily conducted at the new Police Staff College and the new Crime Management College, but some is also provided within the provinces.

 Police Staff College

The new building in Police District 12 in Kabul has been completed in early 2014.

Training delivery focuses on Afghan National Police General Ranks, Higher Ranks and Officers Ranks. Training has been developed to align the ANP Rank structure with internationally recognised command levels, Gold, Silver and Bronze or Strategic, Tactical and Operational.




Courses delivered include:

  •  Provincial Commanders Course – this course is for Provincial Command teams and explores how the command team can develop their strategic and policing plans.

  •  Command Development Programme  - this is for District Commanders and other Officers with strategic roles and explores the most important issues that influence and affect strategic leadership within the ANP.  

  •  Advanced Command Skills Course – this course is for senior Police Officers, Colonel and above, in any role within ANP, the course encompasses communication skills and the ethical perspectives of leadership within the ANP.

  •  Intermediate Commanders Programme – this course is for newly promoted or serving officers between Lieutenant and Major and helps to develop their leadership skills and to understand the nature of Command alongside duty as a leader.

  •  Leadership & Management  Course – this brings together newly promoted or serving officers between Lieutenant and Major and is aimed at assisting them to understand their Leadership & Management responsibilities within the ANP.

The new Police Staff College has 17 classrooms plus a computer suite, and accommodation for over 300 students. The college will be a centre of excellence for the learning and education of the Senior Leadership of ANP.  EUPOL staff has been working very closely with The Major General and his training department, including approximately 35 trainers, to ensure that the transition from EUPOL to Afghan led management and organisation of the staff college has been managed. 

In addition a Leadership Competency Framework for the ANP and a High Potential Development Scheme (HPDS) has been developed. The Competency Framework can be used for the purposes of recruitment, selection, promotion, self-development, training, performance assessment and compilation of job descriptions. The primary aim of the HPDS, is to identify officers with the potential to achieve the highest ranks in the service and to ensure they are equipped with the required skills to become highly effective in senior executive management, command and leadership roles.






Crime Management College

The New Crime Management college has been inaugurated in March 2014, providing training to experienced and senior detectives.

The College offers a wide variety of training courses, the core of which is the 5 week Investigator Programme. This programme consists of five modules which cover the essential aspects of a detective: Crime Scene Management, Evidence Gathering, Investigative Interviewing, Intelligence and Professional Practice.

The Crime College also offers the following courses:
- Senior Detectives Leadership
- Advanced Crime Scene Management
- Police Prosecutor Cooperation
- Prevention of Violence Against Women
- Trainer Development Workshops