New textbook on Human Rights, Gender and Children's Right launched

Kabul, April 2013. “Any book about law is important, but it is even more important to put it into practice”, stresses General Saed Noorullah Zal, Commander of the Afghan National Police Academy, at the publication ceremony of a textbook on Human Rights, Gender and Child’s Rights. 2.000 copies will now be used at the Afghan National Police Academy and it has already been added to their training curriculum. The textbook will raise awareness and knowledge of the Afghan National Police on Human Rights issues and make them capable to take effective steps towards ensuring human rights of the Afghan citizens - particularly that of women and children.  

The work on the textbook started in October 2012 with members of the EUPOL Gender and Human Rights Unit and the Afghan Police Academy Gender and Human Rights Unit. The efforts of Fazul Rahman Ayuobi and Rohullah Kodamani, teachers at the Police Academy, on writing and compiling this textbook together with EUPOL’s Mika Noori for reviewing the book paid eventually off. “EUPOL’s and ANP’s joint work has given us an understanding on how much a good cooperation means in order to achieve this kind of a great result,” says Terhi Makynen, EUPOLs Chief of Gender and Human Rights Unit.

 For Mika Noori, the book is only the first step, and she believes the Afghan National Police should take further action on serious human rights abuses in Afghanistan. Practices such as physical and sexual abuses of children and forcing children to dance in parties and other practices still widely exist on the pretext of Afghan traditions. There are already actions on the way to tackle these issues. "EUPOL with the Afghan Ministry of Interior will publish another booklet on “Children Rights and Policing” in the near future which will be available for the police force. Struggle against social superstitions, which is one of the responsibilities of the police, will be an effective step towards strengthening Rule of Law, leading to permanent stability and eventually social justice in the society,” says Mika Noori.     

Terre des Hommes (THD) and United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) funded the printing of the book. Their staff member provided their best expertise to produce the textbook. Colonel Hekmat Shahi, Head of Human Rights, Gender, and Children’s Rights Department at Ministry of Interior was impressed: “After reading this book, I realised that very significant issues have been covered in it. I believe with adding this book to the curriculum of the Police Academy and putting all the content in practice will enable the Afghan National Police to work responsibly.” Gender, Human and Child’s Rights have been very important issues in Afghanistan. Therefore, the Afghan Ministry of Interior prioritised them in the strategy of the MoI. “If the police uses this book and understands the law, he will implement and observe the law and we will meet one of our main goals which is building trust between the people and the police when it comes to Human Rights issues”, said Deputy Commander of the Police Academy General Sardar Mohammad Kodamani.