Crime Management College student survey yields promising results

Kabul, February 2013. 100 Afghan police past students of the EUPOL Crime Management College from 25 different Provinces have been interviewed to assess the impact of their training on their daily work, with promising results. Over 90 percent of the interviewed said the courses were relevant to their job and would recommend the training to others. The objective of the survey was to speak to the students some months after they had completed their courses, to allow time for them to put into practice what they had learned. The EUPOL Chief of the College Superintendent David Thomson said: “We were pretty confident that the training we provide is relevant and useful because the curriculum was built in close co-operation with the Police and Ministry of Interior. Of course it is not enough merely to train, we need to know the outcome of our work to ensure that what we do meets the needs of the students and directly benefits the Afghan communities.”

The participants of the survey were very positive about their experiences. Mohammed Ibrar from Baghlan had attended a Senior Detectives’ Leadership course last year and said: “This course actually showed us a lot. I think I am more professional than before. It was very relevant for a detective investigator.” 98% of those surveyed agreed that their courses were relevant to their jobs.

Sixty of the students stated that they often had the opportunity to put into practice what they had learned, with a further 34 having done so sometimes.  Azizullah from Kabul said: “I surely had opportunities to put my learning into practice; I also passed my knowledge to other colleagues.”

When asked if they had noticed a difference in their performance in the work place, a staggering 95 percent of respondents believed they had improved, with 69 of those citing a major improvement. Examples of positive feedback include:

Mohammed Ziayee from Kabul: “My knowledge, actions and performance really improved after these courses.”

Dur Mohammed said: “The changes I saw in my performance are incredible” and his colleague Khalil added: “Everybody should participate in these courses to improve their skills.”

98 percent of the students said they would recommend attendance at EUPOL Crime Management College courses to their colleagues. Miyan Ahmed stated: “I just have to say these courses are really worthwhile, we should recommend other colleagues to get more information and to do a better job.”

The final word goes to Colonel Basir, the Afghan Commander of the Kabul Central Training Centre:

“To ensure security in the future, our police officers need to be knowledgeable and competent. My ANP trainers have been working alongside their EUPOL colleagues delivering these courses to our police and prosecutors, and the messages I get from my staff and the students are wholly positive.”