Conference on psychosocial support for victims of violence

Mazar-e-Sharif, January 2013.To promote and create a better understanding of psychosocial support for victims of violence related crimes, EUPOL’s Rule of Law and police pillar organised recently a joint conference in Mazar-e-Sharif. The overall intention was to provide information from a medical point of view for involved professional groups like police officers to be the first at the crime scene, prosecutors and judges. Dr. Fareshta Queedes from IPSO (International Psychosocial Organisation) facilitated the event and gave her professional input. IPSO is working right now with a network of 22 Afghan psychosocial consultants in Balkh, Baghlan and Badakhshan Province.

Active participation and involvement of the 25 participants, hereof five officers of the Police e Mardume unit proved that there is a vital need to proceed and promote the idea of psychosocial support, not only to improve the approach to victims during the pre-trial and trial phase, but also as prophylactic approach in a society where domestic violence cases are rising. According to the Mental Health Department in Kabul over 50 percent of the population suffer from mental disorder. Sensitization of police and society in general will help to take preventive measures and provide timely professional intervention which will help to make the number of incidents go done. Prosecutors and judges required psychosocial expertise to be integrated in the investigation and trial phase and to run psychosocial programmes in correction houses. All participants were provided with a contact list, more will be handed out to police, prosecution departments and courts.