Disaster police and 119 cooperation workshop

 Kabul, August 2014. EUPOL organised a workshop to establish cooperation between the Fire and Disaster Police and 119 Call Center in Kabul. The Chief of Community Policing at the Afghan Ministry of Interior Brigadier General Homayoon Ainee and the Deputy Head of Fire and Disaster Police Brigadier General Tajuddin participated in the workshop.

EUPOL Fire Mentors gave a presentation about European methods of dispatching units, Incident Command System and European system of sharing responsibility between Emergency Dispatch Center and Fire Department’s Operation Room.

Brigadier General Homayoon Ainee spoke about the activities of 119 call center. The liability and transparency of 119-system as well as operational issues were pointed out. He also explained the professional daily cooperation between 119 Call Center and other organisations.

During the panel discussion, many issues were raised regarding missing radio communication system between 119 and Fire and Disaster Police. Also the lack of water tankers especially in Kabul is major problems so far.

Brigadier General Tajuddin said: “Cooperation between police organs is going smoothly and people are learning to use and trust 119-system.” He also stressed the importance of using Fire and Disaster Police emergency number (101) as a back-up for 119.