Finalizing Project Phoenix in Police District 12 by delivering "Source Handling Course"
Kabul, May 2014. EUPOL Intelligence Led Policing (ILP) experts delivered in Mid May “The Source Handling Course” to the staff of Police District 12 from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and INTEL Units. With this course EUPOL Project Phoenix has now been finalised in this police district in Kabul.

The Afghan officers who participated had the professional backgrounds and experience needed to understand all the topics and also the capability to pass all the new concepts learnt to their colleagues. The participants considered the Source Handling Course content as very useful, because is related to the treatment and usage of human intelligence, how to deal with human sources and how to convert them into good informants for the police. The course also is showing how to approach the community depending on the necessities of every district. The students received also some practical examples about the Intelligence Led Policing methods in order to be use in their daily work.

EUPOL Intelligence Led Policing (ILP) experts have been working in Kabul Police District 12 in the last five months. They started in winter time with implementing the Project Phoenix by delivering some trainings and courses after a first assessment on the information flow between the units within the Police District.
During this period of time and, according to the Phoenix Project plan of work, the staff members in PD12 have been provided with the Train the Trainer Course, where the best officers were chosen and instructed as the future trainers. Then, these new Afghan Trainers were mentored several times by ILP Experts when they delivered the trainings to the rest of patrolmen.

This Phoenix Project’s methodology achieves to spread out the knowledge and experience previously gained to all staff members in the PD and to maintain a sustainable work system for the future of the Afghan National Police (ANP).