EID MUBARAK! اختر مو مبارک شه ! عید شما مبارک !

EUPOL Afghanistan wishes all Afghan colleagues and friends a happy and peaceful Eid! May these days of Eid be the beginning of greater prosperity, success and happiness.


Eid Mubarak !

CID Seminar: Senior detectives share experiences to overcome challenges

Kabul. “It is the second time I am attending CID seminar for senior detectives. We discussed and shared our experiences in relation to coordination between police and prosecutors and its importance, while considering the laws in Afghanistan”, says Lieutenant Colonel *Abdul, the head of a CID unit in one of Kabul Police Districts (PD) and a participant of the Seminar. “I am planning to share the outcome and knowledge I gained in the seminar with my colleagues for better flow of information in my unit in order to overcome the challenges we have been facing so far”, he added. 

Community policing routing beyond

Kabul. The past, present and the future of (PeM) Police-e Mardume - Community Policing in Afghanistan was the main topic discussed in the Community Policing meeting at EUPOL HQ with 27 participants from different organisations such as UNAMA, UNDP-LOTFA, IPCB, COMISAF, SAYARA, PARSA-Scouts, GIZ, AANU, Ministry of Interior PeM Unit and the representatives of the EU Delegation.

Necktie camera training for Anti-Corruption investigators

Kabul. Necktie-button cameras are tiny, easy to conceal and enable investigators and undercover officers to capture video and audio (when allowed) covertly without the suspect or witnesses to notice. These cameras are a perfect fit also for Anti-Corruption investigators in Afghanistan to obtain tangible proof of evidence to convict suspects – providing that a surveillance has been approved by court. The use of the cameras was central of a EUPOL Anti-Corruption training to eight investigators from the Ministry of Interior’s Anti-Corruption Unit and three prosecutors of the Monitoring and Control Prosecution Department within the Attourney General’s Office. 

Ambassador Mellbin visits EUPOL Field Office in Herat

Herat. Ambassador Franz-Michael Skjold Mellbin, EU Special Representative (EUSR) and EU Head of Delegation (EUHoD) in Afghanistan visited recently the EUPOL Filed Office in Herat. The EU SR/HoD gave a speech while meeting the EUPOL team in Herat. He thanked the EUPOL staff members for the good work in risky conditions. Many questions were raised while discussing EUPOL activities, their impact and the future of the country as well as confirming the EU’s willingness and commitment to stay after 2014.

In his first domestic visit, Ambassador Mellbin participated in the Herat Security Dialogue 2013, organised by the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) - it was held for the second year at the Herat Citadel. 

Course for Herat prosecutors: Fair trial principles

Herat. “Lessons on comparison between international and Afghan laws in order to become acquired with the existing differences would be great to be included in the future courses”, says Ghulam Hazrat, a member of Herat Appeal Prosecution Office while appreciating the useful topics of the Fair Trial Principles course in Herat.  

Police Project Phoenix: ILP training for Kabul Police

Kabul. EUPOL Intelligence-Led Policing (ILP) unit is conducting courses at Police Districts of Kabul as part of the Police Project Phoenix. Police Districts four, five, nine and eleven are currently the main targets to receive training on intelligence, the intelligence cycle, different types of sources, the collection of information and reporting.

First Community Policing Course: Police-e Mardume units taking shape as authorised entities

Kabul. “My duties as a policewoman within the Police-e Mardume (Community Policing) unit in Mazar-e Sharif (MeS) are to visit girls’ schools, beauty parlors, and other organisations where women work. Interacting with them, assuring them of police support as well as establishing cooperation between the police and the public are our main goals”, says Major Sofia Sunil, a member of Police-e Mardume in MeS, and a participant of the First Community Policing Course at the Police Staff College.

Mazar Criminal Cases, Proper Investigations

Mazar-e Sharif. A Murder at a mosque and a suicide case concerned the people at Nahr-e Shahi district of Balkh province. EUPOL Field Office Mazar-e Sharif (MeS) mentors held a meeting with MeS CID personnel and prosecutors to discuss these cases and share experiences on conducting proper investigations.

The meeting provided the participants the opportunity to meet each other and openly discuss different investigative techniques and challenges that they face. 

Training female police leaders

Kabul, September 2013. To be a policewoman in a traditional society like Afghanistan is a challenging task. To be a female police leader is even more challenging.

After listening to the opinions of the participants of the First Female Leadership Development Course, one realises that in spite of threats and challenges, Afghan policewomen are highly motivated to work for Afghanistan. This working condition will improve with appropriate training and support to high-ranking policewomen.