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Kabul, 26 March 2014. Do you want to work in a dynamic and international environment? Are you determined and looking for new challenges? We're looking for brilliant people to join us and make: a difference and change happen! Do you happen to be a social media expert, a staff counsellor or an international expert in risk management, planning and evaluation, internal investigations (amongst many others)? Then send us your application. Deadline: 4 April 2014.

Command and Leadership Workshop for Inspector General’s Office

Kabul, March 2014. What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats ahead for the Inspector General’s Office which is investigating all corruption cases within the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI)? A SWOT analysis, a modern decision-making tool, was a major part of the command and leadership workshop discussed with 19 senior office, including its Head, Inspector General Major General Hakim Nejrabi, at EUPOL HQ.

Female Leadership Course: “Some people don’t like women to wear police uniforms”

Kabul, March 2014. When Zulhuja’s husband, a police officer, was killed in 2003, the mother of five children decided to join the police force. After all, she had become the provider and the head of the family. Now, 11 years later, Zulhuja is one of eight students of Female Leadership Course at Kabul’s new Police Staff College. Zulhuja believes that female police officers are playing a very important role in a society like Afghanistan.

New Year celebration at EUPOL – Nawroz Mubarak!

Kabul, 19 March 2014. It was a day full of joy at EUPOL HQ with traditional Afghan music, dances and Afghan food served to EUPOL colleagues and guests from the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Justice. The party organised to mark the start of the Afghan New Year was also an opportunity not only to celebrate but to express wishes and hopes for the future.

EU funded Crime Management College handed over

 Kabul, 17 March 2014. A ribbon was cut, a commemorative plaque unveiled and two trees planted: these were some of the highlights at the inauguration of the Afghan National Police Crime Management College. The three Million Euros investment by the European Union will provide more efficient and up-to-date specialist criminal investigation training of a professional and committed Afghan National Police. The Crime Management College and the new Afghan Police Staff College funded by the European Union were already handed over to the Ministry of Interior in February 2014.

Indoor fire fighting training

Kabul, March 2014. Thick black waves of smoke evaporate from a container. The door is opened and Afghan firefighters from the Directorate of Disaster and Fire Disaster Police in Kabul, all equipped with protective suits, breathing apparatus, masks and helmets enter the smoking container and extinguish the fire with splashing high-water pressure from the fire hoses. Certainly, this was not a real fire but just a practical exercise delivered by EUPOL Afghanistan, 30 Afghan fire fighters from the Afghan Fire and Disaster Police Directorate underwent in March to upgrade their skills.

EUPOL Afghanistan supports Afghan National Police in upcoming elections

Kabul, 13 March 2014. EUPOL Afghanistan provides support for the upcoming elections in Afghanistan: Today, Karl Ake Roghe, EUPOL Head of Mission, handed over today at EUPOL HQ four incident command vehicles, worth approximately one Million Euros, to General Mohammad Ayub Salangi, Afghan Deputy Minister for Security.

Police-e Mardume Conference in Herat

Herat, March 2014. A ribbon-cutting took place symbolising the cooperation between community and police during the First Police-e Mardume Conference in Herat.

EUPOL Field Office in Herat, in close cooperation with the Police-e Mardume Unit (Community Policing Unit), organised the First Police-e Mardume Conference in Herat. The conference was attended by the Governor of Herat province Mr. Fazlullah Wahidi, Ministry of Interior (MoI) Head of Police-e Mardume Colonel Ayni and other high-ranking officials from Herat.

Canadians leaving EUPOL: “It was a privilege to serve in Afghanistan”

Kabul, 8 March 2014. On Saturday 8thMarch there were some wistfulness in the air as the final medal ceremony for the Canadian EUPOL members took place in Green Village. All the 16 Canadians leave the mission this week. But the wistful tunes are overpowered by the proud and gratefulness the Canadians feel for being able to serve and support the people of Afghanistan – as well as the appreciation felt for the Canadian EUPOL experts.

Colonel Jamila Bayaz: “We must stand up for the women in remote districts”

Kabul, 8 March 2014. Saturday 8th of March, the International Women’s Day, was naturally the most appropriate day for the Female Network Meeting. Monthly meetings of this network are coordinated by EUPOL Field Office and the Gender and Human Rights Unit of the Kabul City Police (KCP).