Mobile Police Stations reach their final destinations

Herat/Lashkar Gah, November 2013. Seven mobile police stations financed by the EU delegation have eventually arrived at their final destinations in the provinces Bamyan, Kunduz, Herat, Helmand, Pol-e-Khumri, Chagcharan and Mazar-i-Sharif. The customized Toyota vehicles are fully equipped with laptops, mobile beamers and loudspeakers; they will serve several purposes: they permit the police officers to meet the public, to be present in crowded places as local markets, and to support the region where the population has not direct access to police service in remote areas.

European parliament delegation visits EUPOL

Kabul. A delegation of the European Parliament (EP) had extensive meetings with the staff of EUPOL Afghanistan in Kabul and Mazar-e Sharif during their recent visit to Afghanistan. Headed by Arnaud Danjean, Chair of the Subcommittee on Defence and Security of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and by Thijs Berman, Chair of the Delegation for relations with Afghanistan, the delegation’s visit was important in with the 2014 transition period ahead.

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Afghan firefighters: “We don’t have guns to fight, we kill fire”

Kabul. White smoke flows through the door of the first floor of an apartment building. The three firefighters with masks and breathing apparatus enter the building, to search and rescue the victims, their fire hoses splashing high-pressure water inside the smoke-filled room to extinguish the fire. A few minutes later they are outside again – their breathing apparatus and masks are taken off by their colleagues. “Are you ok?”, asks the Afghan team leader. They are tired – but happy to breathe fresh air again.

Police-e Mardume: Community policing training for Herat police

Herat. “How does Police-e Mardume (PeM - Community Policing) in the west differs from policing in other regions in Afghanistan? What are the benefits of PeM? What has the Afghan National Police (ANP) to do in order to gain trust and respect of their community?” These were the topics of the discussion at the fifth and last EUPOL community policing course in Herat province. 

Shura to introduce Project Phoenix in Police District 7

Kabul, October 2013. EUPOL Police Project Phoenix is in full swing: the training courses in the first four police districts in Kabul have already started with support of all EUPOL units. The next police districts 2,7,12 (PDs) are now being assessed and specific needs identified. The project was recently introduced by EUPOL mentors over a lunch to 50 elders and religious leader in the presence of Chief of Police of PD 7. “All participants were all very receptive and positive towards the project,” says  EUPOL mentor Frank Jensen.  There was some confusion on terms when Jensen asked the police officers of PD 7 whether they already have community policing activities in place.

Medals awarded to EUPOL Afghanistan staff

Kabul. Despite dropping temperatures in Kabul, 40 EUPOL police officers and civilians were lining up in the sportsfield in straight rows to receive their European Union Service Medal for Afghanistan, from Karl Ake Roghe, EUPOL Head of Mission. The medal parade, held at 23 October at EUPOL HQ, was attended by the European Union Special Representative (EUSR) and Head of EU Delegation, Ambassador Franz-Michael Mellbin, Afghan Deputy Interior Minister for Administration, Major General Ekramuddin Yawar, Chief of Police for Police District 9, Colonel Najibullah Samsour and European ambassadors in Kabul.

Anti-Corruption: Financial investigations training for the police and prosecutors

Kabul. “I was even threatened to be fired for following a corruption case since the criminals have links to higher governmental authorities”, says a police officer and one of the participants of the Financial Investigations Course. Six policemen from the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) and five prosecutors from the Afghan Attorney General’s Office (AGO) received training on Financial Investigations by EUPOL Anti-Corruption Unit. The participants are responsible for Anti-Corruption cases within the MoI and AGO. “The main goal behind conducting this course and putting police and prosecutors at the same table is to encourage them to work together as a team”, says Danut Danila, EUPOL Training Advisor for Anti-Corruption.

Safety Outreach Training: Evaluation shows positive results

 Kunduz. Safety outreach training for students in Kunduz: Schoolchildren in Kunduz were briefed on first aid and what to do in case of emergencies such as fires, traffic accidents, floods, earthquakes, as well as mine awareness. The Police-e Mardume Unit (Community Policing Unit) in Kunduz delivered several of such safety outreach training for schoolchildren in Kunduz in the past few months. To evaluate the impact of these activities, interviews were conducted recently by a UNAMA Police Advisor. The results are encouraging: The schoolchildren share their knowledge with their friends and their families after the training.

EUPOL Field Office Herat signs mentoring agreement with Head of Office for Oversight Anti-Corruption

Herat, October 2013. A mentoring agreement was signed in mid October between EUPOL Field Office Herat’s Anti-Corruption team and the Head of High Office for Oversight Anti-Corruption (HOOAC), Mohammad Tahir Anbari. The agreement aims at developing and implementing the capability of the HOOAC in the Anti-Corruption activities, examining single cases followed by the Office.