Deputy Minister of Interior Muhammad Ayoub Salangi: “The best day is the one when there are no casualties, nobody dies”

Kabul, May 2013. “Know your soldiers, look out for their safety and well-being”. This is one of the rules on the wall of Deputy Minister of Interior Mohammad Ayoub Salangi. And he is a man who lives as he preaches: he wants to reach his men and women at the provinces and help them to work more efficiently and stay safe at the same time.

If General Salangi could choose, he wouldn’t spend his whole working day in the office inside the walls of the Ministry of interior. Instead he would love to go to even the most remote places in his country and meet police officers, learn about their needs and help them in capacity building.

The May edition of EUPOL Newsletter is out!

Kabul, May 2014. What would be a dream day at work for the Afghan Deputy Minister of Interior? Read the interview of General Salangi in the EUPOL Newsletter and you will know. Or find more about the dedicated work that Afghan police, lawyers, prosecutors and other Afghan officials as well as EUPOL have done. For example, what is the latest in the fight against domestic violence proceedings in Afghanistan? And that’s not all: there are plenty other articles worth of reading in the brand new EUPOL Newsletter! Click here for the newsletter: EUPOL-Serving Afghanistan

Domestic violence - a dark truth in Afghan society

Kabul, 4 May 2014. "I heard a woman screaming in my neighbourhood and then ran quickly to see what is happening. I realised the husband and wife had a fight: the husband had a knife in his hand and wanted to stab his wife. I already could see blood on the hands of the wife. I pushed him away and warned him that I am a policewoman and more policemen are on their way”, patrolwoman Shahnaz Popolzai tells her story about a domestic violence case in Police District 4 of Kabul

Devastating landslide in Badakhshan: "The EU is ready to provide assistance"

Brussels, 3 May 2014. The spokespersons of Catherine Ashton, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the Commission, and Kristalina Georgieva, European Commissioner for international cooperation, humanitarian aid, and crisis response issued the following statement today: 

"The High Representative and the Commissioner are deeply concerned and saddened to hear of the devastating landslide reported to have claimed the lives of many inhabitants of the Badakshan province in Afghanistan. They express their sympathy to the families of the victims and the people of Afghanistan.  

World Press Freedom Day: "Free, diverse and independent media constitutes one of the cornerstones of a democratic society"

Brussels, May 2014. Declaration by the High Representative, Catherine Ashton, on behalf of the European Union on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, 3 May 2014: "On the 21th anniversary of World Press Freedom day, the EU reiterates that free, diverse and independent media constitutes one of the cornerstones of a democratic society by facilitating the free flow of information and ideas, and by ensuring transparency and accountability.

EUPOL assists Afghan Minister of Interior in reviewing Code of Conduct

Kabul, April 2014. The honesty, integrity and professionalism of members of the Afghan National Police (ANP) are  significant factors in how the public perceive them discharge their policing duties now, and in the future. Internal and external oversight is also fundamental to policing, as it can increase trust in the police by creating greater transparency in the various processes and reinforces good governance. It is essential that the Ministry of Interior has in place effective and efficient mechanism to deal constructively with complaints and allegations of dishonest and unethical conduct and corruption.

Legal Libraries Project – an epitome of productive co-operation

Kabul, April 2014. Launching of the Legal Libraries Project took place on 21 April in EUPOL Headquarters. The project aims to building of legal training capabilities for the Ministry of Interior (MOI) and the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) as well as improving legal awareness and knowledge of the police officers and prosecutors.

Comprehensive legal libraries will also enhance the skills of police and prosecutors in conducting detections, investigations and building cases for the trial phase as well as increasing cooperation between police and prosecutors.

Forensic-based evidence under the loupe in Herat

Herat, April 2014. The importance of the forensic-based evidence during criminal investigations and the need of training for the judiciary has clearly been acknowledged by the leading police and justice actors in Herat. To answer their request, EUPOL Herat field office organised the first Forensic Medical training hosted by Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA) in their premises.

Colonel Saifuddin Wafa: “We will stop violence against women and recruit more policewomen”

Kabul, April 2014. “Capacity building of the Gender and Human Rights staff within Kabul City Police is one of the biggest achievements for us”, says Colonel Saifuddin Wafa, Head of Gender and Human Rights in Kabul City Police HQ.

Colonel Wafa is the winner of EUPOL Best Practice Award for his involvement and commitment in implementation of Gender Standards Decree at Police District level and support of his department in organising Female Network Meetings.

In the Gender and Human Rights Department in Kabul City Police there are 36 staff members, three of them are female police officers.

1st Sergeant Ahmad Jawed wants to teach the new recruits professionally

Kabul, April 2014. EUPOL Best Practice Award winner, Ahmad Jawed, is a 32 years old policeman who is very ambitious and hopeful about the future of Afghanistan. And in spite of losing his left hand on duty, he’s ready to work for the brighter future.

After attending a course for sergeants at the Afghan National Police Academy (ANPA), Ahmad Jawed was assigned to a Police District in Kabul. At the moment, he is working as the member of Planning and Operation Unit in Police District 4. His job is conducting Police-e Mardume (Community Policing) seminars and organising police outreach programmes for the schools and mosques.