How to manage first contact with abused children

Kabul, May 2014. At first glance, the meeting room at EUPOL Headquarters in Kabul appeared like a typical mission briefing room. Chairs are neatly lined up, and the omnipresent projector blasts power point presentations on the white screen.

But the lesson plan projected onto the screen revealed a different sort of briefing. “How do you manage the first contact with a child at a police station who has been traumatized or harassed?” was one of the questions to the participants of the four day Train-the Trainer workshop on Child Rights and Policing. The right answer would be: with lots of empathy.

Estonians training video skills to Afghan Border Police

 Kabul, May 2014. Sometimes it doesn’t serve the purpose just to arrest a possible suspect as soon as you come to the crime scene. Look for more details, look for evidence. And learn to use video cameras to collect that information. That was, in a nutshell, the message of Estonian experts training the Afghan Border Police (ABP) in Kabul.

The Estonian experts Lauri Abel, Jaak Kiviste, Toomas Malva and Karl Mottus delivered four day trainings for two groups each consisting of 15 participants form ABP. The courses had very practical curriculum starting with basic instructions about how to use the cameras. There were lot of practice and role play – methods that were well received and enjoyed by the participants.

Police-e Mardume in Herat – Reaching out to young generation

Herat, May 2014. When you want to make a difference in your environment who do you try to influence: those in power or to those who will be in power in the decades to come? Obviously both groups should be targeted but the focus can vary. This is the approach of Colonel Noor Khan Nikzad, Chief of Police-e Mardume Unite (PeM, Community Policing), who is especially interested to reach the young generation.

We are hiring - Deadline: 13 June 2014

Kabul, 26 May 2014. Do you want to work in a dynamic and international environment? Are you determined and looking for new challenges? We're looking for brilliant people to join us and make a difference! Do you happen to be a fire marshal, a medical officer or an electrician? We are also looking to fill seconded positions such as executive officer, legal advisor, Head of the Police Component or Head of the Field Office Herat. Please send us your application. Deadline: 13 June 2014. Job descriptions:

Report writing workshop in Mazar-e Sharif

Mazar-e Sharif, May 2014. To improve report writing skills, EUPOL Field Office Mazar-e Sharif delivered a hands-on training in report writing in mid of May 2014 to selected staff members in Police District (PD) 2 and PD 9. It started with a brief ten-minute exercise: A verbal description of a simple picture by one participant, not having any visual contact to the audience. This person described the picture and the audience had to draw on only what they hear, without the possibility to ask any questions. The audience provided a variety of rather different sketches.

Scenario Based Training in Mazar-e Sharif

Mazar-e Sharif, May 2014. A distressed person calls the emergency number 119 about an incident in a local shop in Mazar-e Sharif. “What is your first response?” This question was addressed in a scenario based training by EUPOL Field Office to the patrol commander and the Leader of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Police District 6. Then it happenes fast, all actions from the Afghan counterparts closely observed by EUPOL CID team dressed in yellow vests to clearly show that they are not participants in the exercise. 

Director of AIBA in Herat: “EUPOL mentors don’t only talk – they work”

Herat May 2014. “Our goal is to make ourselves unemployed”, says Luca Costa, the Senior Rule of Law Mentor/Advisor at EUPOL’s Field Office in Herat. Ahmad Rafi Nadiri, the Director of the Afghan Independent Bar Association (AIBA) in Herat region, is working efficiently toward that goal: to take the initiative and full responsibility for enhancing the rule of law in Afghanistan.

EUPOL Field Office invites 40 students from Law and Sharia Faculties in Herat

Herat, May 2014. 40 students from the Law and Sharia Faculties in Herat informed themselves about EUPOL activities, following an invitation from EUPOL Field Office Herat. “This is more than double the number we expected, half of them were female students,” says EUPOL Luca Costa, Senior Rule of Law Mentor/Advisor who was positively surprised by the interest. They were all welcomed in the rooms of Herat’s Afghan Independent Bar Association (AIBA).

EUPOL Human Rights reports reaches the highest level

Kabul, May 2014. Human Rights adviser Johan Chytraeus from EUPOL Kabul field office was this week invited by Brigadier General Hekmat Shahi Rasooli, Head of Human Rights and Women and Children Affairs Directorate at the Ministry of Interior, to receive a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of his work with human rights issues in the past two years. The Brigadier general expressed her gratitude for Johan Chytraeus human rights assessments of the police districts in Kabul.

600 sets of body armor and ballistic helmets for Kabul City Police

Kabul, May 2014. In July 2013, EUPOL Afghanistan and the German organization "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit" (GIZ) signed a cooperation agreement formalizing its partnership in supporting the development of the Afghan National Police. Evidence of that cooperation was again demonstrated at Kabul City Police Headquarters last week when members of the Kabul Field Office and GIZ donated 600 sets of body armor and ballistic helmets to the Commander of Kabul Police, General Zahra, for use by front line police personnel.