Bi-annual Rule of Law Conference

Kabul, November 2013. EUPOL Afghanistan held its bi-annual mission-internal Rule of Law (RoL) Conference on 17 November. Approximately 50 international and national mission members working in the area of RoL from all Mission Components and Field Offices attended the Conference. The purpose of this second RoL Conference in 2013 was twofold: to translate Head of Mission’s ideas and guidance on a more coherent and streamlined RoL strategy into concrete activities to be carried out until the end of 2014 (end of EUPOL’s current mandate), and to strengthen the cooperation, coordination and communication between RoL experts throughout the Mission with the aim to reach a higher degree of focus and uniformity of the Mission’s RoL activities.

Improving case management in Herat

Herat, November 2013. It all started last in fall 2012, when the EUPOL Criminal Investigation Department (CID) police component of the Herat Field Office had a number of criminal cases translated into English to gain a clearer insight of the cases being presented to the prosecutor by the Herat Criminal Investigation Department (CID). The results showed that many cases being submitted to the Prosecution Office were incomplete: Reports were missing and illegible, some cases lacked evidence to lay charges and seized property was being mishandled and in some cases, missing.  As a result, standard Case Management Check-List and Property Seizure form were developed by EUPOL CID mentors modeled on a Canadian examples.

Specialist training for human rights officers in Kabul

Kabul, November 2013. “You are the eyes and ears of the Afghan society and the ones being responsible to report all human rights violations taking place in the capital” said Johan Chytraeus, EUPOL Gender and Human Rights Advisor to the attendees of the Gender and Human Rights Course in Kabul.

The course was organised within the framework of Project Phoenix aiming to give the Gender and Human Rights Officers in Kabul Police Districts (PDs) a deeper understanding for gender issues and human rights violations.  

PC3: Incident Command Project

Kabul. The risk and vulnerability in Afghanistan are at a high level and a lot of the goals for the development of this country have been challenged by the losses in man-made and natural disasters in this country. In major and critical incidents, the police must act immediately to take action and prevent large scale damages. This can only be done by a professional command, control and communication system within related entities.

The EUPOL Police, Command, Control and Communications (PC3) unit started a project to organise nation-wide incident command courses for the Afghan National Police. The first course started on 9th November 2013 with 15 participants who are operational commanders in police districts in Kabul.

European Ambassadors visit the Police Staff College

Kabul. EUPOL’s Police Staff College played host to a range of European Union Ambassadors and delegation members on Tuesday 12 November, 2013. The dignitaries attended at the invitation of the Head of Mission represented on this occasion by Deputy Head of Mission, Pieter Deelman.

As the Staff College is soon to move to its new location in Kabul, this is likely to be the final high level visit to the establishment. The guests were met by Superintendent Ralph Logan, who gave a short presentation on the history of the project, its achievements to date, and future plans, before having an opportunity to watch training classes in action, and finally spending a worthwhile time with the Afghan head of the College General Sayec.

First Afghan-led course on Basic Crime Scene Preservation

Herat. Afghan ownership and Afghan-led training workshops boost the capacities of the Afghan police. EUPOL Herat Field Office organised a “Basic Crime Scene Preservation” workshop for 17 Afghan National Police (ANP) officers, NCOs and patrolmen assigned mostly to the Police Districts in Herat City. This was the first Afghan-led EUPOL training workshop delivered in Herat as EUPOL commences the transition of training responsibilities to Afghan ownership. The outcome was overall positive: The fact that an experienced Afghan officer was able to deliver the course, utilizing his field experience and stories, intrigued the audience as he added his “Afghan touch” to the delivery of the material.

National Procurement Conference: “Towards an efficient and transparent procurement system”

Kabul, 5 November 2013. The first National Procurement Conference (NPC) was held in Kabul to develop an efficient and transparent procurement system in Afghanistan. The commitment of key ministries to abide by the Procurement Law and enforcing the efficient and transparent expenditure of public funds in Afghanistan was the main agenda in this high level conference.

Mobile Police Stations reach their final destinations

Herat/Lashkar Gah, November 2013. Seven mobile police stations financed by the EU delegation have eventually arrived at their final destinations in the provinces Bamyan, Kunduz, Herat, Helmand, Pol-e-Khumri, Chagcharan and Mazar-i-Sharif. The customized Toyota vehicles are fully equipped with laptops, mobile beamers and loudspeakers; they will serve several purposes: they permit the police officers to meet the public, to be present in crowded places as local markets, and to support the region where the population has not direct access to police service in remote areas.

European parliament delegation visits EUPOL

Kabul. A delegation of the European Parliament (EP) had extensive meetings with the staff of EUPOL Afghanistan in Kabul and Mazar-e Sharif during their recent visit to Afghanistan. Headed by Arnaud Danjean, Chair of the Subcommittee on Defence and Security of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and by Thijs Berman, Chair of the Delegation for relations with Afghanistan, the delegation’s visit was important in with the 2014 transition period ahead.

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