Launch of booklet and educational video on child rights and policing

Kabul, December 2013. The air is heavy in the conference hall of the Kabul Star Hotel this December morning. The lights dim slightly over the impressive number of 190 delegates, ministers, and professionals announcing the opening of the one-day launch and handover of the Children Rights and Policing Project.

It may not be the first event of its kind but it certainly is one which reaffirms Afghanistan’s commitment, also stipulated in Article 7 of the National Constitution, to comply with, and implement international agreements and human rights instruments such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

We are hiring - become part of our team!

Kabul, 20 December 2013. Do you want to work in a dynamic and international environment? Are you determined and looking for new challenges? We're looking for brilliant people to join us and make: a difference and change happen! Do you happen to be an international expert in police, training, finance, human resources, technical services, mission support (amongst others)? Then send us your application. Deadline: 10 January 2014. Find more information and job descriptions here: 

Train-the Trainer course: “You are role models for Afghan National Police”

Mazar-e Sharif, December 2013.  “The class captain was in tears at the graduation ceremony and had to leave the classroom. He wanted us to stay on,” recalls Volker Pink, one of EUPOL Afghanistan trainers of the five-week course “Train-the Trainer” in Mazar-e Sharif in December. Pink was very much moved by the commitment and dedication of the 18 trainees – 15 senior police officers and three prosecutors.

EU Common Security and Defence Policy: Discover web documentary

Brussels, 18 December 2013. The European External Action Service is launching today a web documentary on the European Union's Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). EUPOL Afghanistan is one of the missions part of the CSDP. This multimedia resource shows how CSDP has become a cornerstone of the EU's comprehensive approach to foreign policy, making the EU an effective security provider around the world, thereby also enhancing its own security.

Justice and Criminal Procedure (JCP) Training in Herat

Herat, December 2013. The office of Afghan Independent Bar Association (AIBA) in Herat was the host for the 27th Justice and Criminal Procedure (JCP) Training in Afghanistan. Making use of the AIBA facilities for the purpose of delivering the training to CID Officers, Prosecutors, Legal Aid Providers and Lawyers, EUPOL provided a platform for professional exchange and development.

Between 1st and 5th December 2013, 30 professionals attended the JCP training which was delivered by two experienced Afghan Trainers from Kabul. Although the training has been provided to all EUPOL accessible provinces since 2011, this was the first time that AIBA was actively involved in facilitating a venue for the participants.

Workshop for female police officers in Herat

Herat, December 2013. A two-day training workshop for 35 female police officers was organised on 11-12 December by Tracy Flumian, EUPOL Herat's Field Office Advisor on Human Right & Gender issues. During the event, hosted in Provincial Police Headquarters in Herat, important issues on women and policing in Afghanistan were covered such as: violence against women, situation of women in Afghanistan, problems affecting female police, Code of Conduct and officers’ safety.

Holiday cheer at EUPOL HQ

Kabul, December 2013. EUPOL Afghanistan annual christmas fair brought a fair share of holiday cheer to EUPOL Headquarters in Kabul. Hundreds of guests and EUPOL staff enjoyed European and Canadian traditional christmas snacks and drinks, prepared and offered by different national contingents. Santa Claus also attended the event, giving children the opportunity to take photos with him. A huge fireplace was lit, and guests shared the warmth of the fire in each other's company. For Pieter Deelman, Acting Head of Mission, Christmas time has become a universal celebration period.

Police-Prosecutor Cooperation Manual now under Afghan ownership

Kabul. Several signatures marked the official end of the Finnish initiative “Police-Prosecutor (CoPP) Manual” at EUPOL HQ with participants from the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI), the Attorney General’s Office (AGO), the Finish Embassy, IDLO, the German GIZ, the Finnish Crisis Management Centre (CMC) and EUPOL. The signatures also marked a new beginning:  a working group with members of the Afghan Ministry of Interior and the Attourney General’s Office will take full ownership of the Manual.

Gender and Human Rights training for CID officers

Kabul. A Gender and Human Rights training for 61 male officers from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was organised by EUPOL’s Kabul Field Office in November and December. “We targeted the CID officers because they are the ones who are dealing with investigations and police operations. We need to address Gender and Human rights violations to both women and men and work together on different levels in order to tackle the challenges we face within police force”, explains Valeria Elefterie, Gender and Human Rights Mentor, the aim of the course.

Interview: "Nobody enjoys or thrives in a climate of fear"

Kabul, December 2013. Fallckolm Cuenca is a Rule of Law Training Advisor at EUPOL, the European Union Police Mission in  Afghanistan. He works predominantly with Criminal Investigation Department Police as well as Prosecutors. Calling in from Kabul, Fallckolm discusses his work and EUPOL’s progress in building capacity in Afghanistan in an interview with the Chicago Policy Review.

Question: Corruption is endemic in Afghanistan, or so is said by many international observers. How is EUPOL contributing towards fighting it?