Conference on the new Criminal Procedure Code

 Kabul, June 2014. On 24 and 25 June, EUPOL organized at the Afghan Police Staff College in Kabul the first conference on the new Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) that entered into force on 5 June. The main goal of the conference was to improve the legal awareness on the new CPC and to facilitate legal discussions.

Female Executive Board of Kabul City Police: networking and sharing information

Kabul, June 2014. For the first time since the establishment of the female executive board of the Kabul City Police (KCP), 13 members of the board were invited on 24 June to EUPOL Headquarters for an official event organized by Gender & Human Rights (GHR)/Kabul Field Office. The purpose of the official lunch was to give the senior management of EUPOL updates from police district level in terms of the implementation of Gender Standard Decree, female police situation and female network meetings.

EUPOL Head of Mission's Message: Ramadan Mubarak!

 Kabul, June 2014. The holy month of Ramadan will begin next week and I would like to take the opportunity to extend my best wishes to our Afghan colleagues, partners and friends for the start of this month.

Teaching peace - Afghan scouts and Kabul police outreach for orphanages and schools

 Kabul, June 2014.The partnership between the Afghan Scouts, Police e Mardume Unit and Eupol has started in April this year with a highly appreciated by the public community service where approximately 40 young scouts teamed up with patrolmen in order to clean up the neighborhood of Police district 5 (PD 5). In May joint police-scouts team made a new outreach, this time to the Maskan and Allawodin orphanages accommodating together 670 children.

Training for EUPOL mission staff

 Kabul, June 2014. Amid a strong blustery west wind, 68 Mission Members braved the dust and heat to participate in a first of its kind mission training event run by EUPOL at a local Afghan National Army training area.

The event was designed to acquaint Mission Members with the types of weapons the EUPOL Private Security Company uses as well as introduce them to the tactics and procedures employed in the event of an incident.

Afghan police and defense lawyers ready to train together

Kabul, June 2014. Twelve professionals from the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI), Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Attorney General’s Office (AGO), Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA) and NGOs, gathered at EUPOL HQ in a two-day workshop to organise the delivery of five-day Access to the Legal Aid System (ATLAS) courses in Kabul and ten other selected provinces, starting after the ‘Eid-ul Fitr celebration at the end of July, 2014.

Anti-Corruption Mainstreaming Train-the-Trainers Course in Herat

 Herat. EUPOL Herat Field Office (FO) in close cooperation with Anti-Corruption trainers from EUPOL Kabul HQ delivered an Anti-Corruption Mainstreaming Train-the-Trainers course in Herat provincial Headquarters to 20 participants - among whom there were 19 police officers, out of which six female police officers,  and a lawyer representing the Afghan Independent Bar Association (AIBA).

Police-e Mardume: Children Safety & Security Awareness Campaign in Herat

Herat, June 2014. Ever since the establishment of Herat Field Office, EUPOL mentors have set a working partnership based on a sincere, transparent and efficient cooperation with Police-e Mardume Unit (PeM) - (Community Policing Unit) within Herat Police Headquarters, led by Colonel Noor Khan Nikzaad, Herat head of Police-e Mardume. Up to the present time, the cooperation process included various activities closely related to community needs, resulting in seminars, roundtables, conferences and projects, all contributing to the creation of a close relationship between the Afghan National Police (ANP) and citizens, based on trust and mutual respect.

Connecting hotline 119 to legal aid providers

Kabul, June 2014. A first step has been taken forward to link the 119 hotline to legal aid providers. In a meeting at EUPOL HQ on 17 June, EUPOL Justice Unit facilitated the discussion on this topic with Colonel Ayni, Head of Community Policing, President Qarizada (Afghan Independent Bar Association), Wahdat (Head of Ministry of Justice Legal Aid Department), and representatives from UNDP, IDF-A, IDLO, LAOA and EUPOL's PC3 (Police Command, Control, Communications) unit. Colonel Ayni presented the 119 hotline and was receptive to the idea of linking defence lawyers (e.g.

Four female police promoted in Kabul City Police: “My new rank came as a confirmation”

Kabul, June 2014. It was a festive moment for the female police network meeting in Kabul in early June: Four of them were promoted to higher ranks. One of them was Rana Hameedzada, the Head of Gender in Kabul City Police Headquarters. She was promoted from Lt. Col to the rank of Colonel and says: “It was a well-deserved promotion that should have happened long time ago, but I am indeed happy that I am finally a Colonel.