"Is this really corruption?"

Mazar-e Sharif, August 2014. “Is this really corruption?” asks one of the participants of the Anti-Corruption (AC) Mainstreaming course, conducted by Mentor Advisor for AC, Karel Kosek. EUPOL’s Anti-Corruption mainstreaming course’s intend to raise AC awareness by firstly providing the participants with a definition of corruption and secondly, by identifying corruption activities and the best ways in which to prevent and fight corruption, in all police related activities.

CSI Kabul: hands-on training for detectives

 Kabul, August, 2014. A dead body lies on the ground. There are bloodstains spattered all around and a pistol on the gravel near the body. The Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) team arrives and the officer orders in a loud voice: “Cordon the area and do not let other people to enter the crime scene.” A member of the CSI team enters the crime scene and starts marking specific pieces of evidence. 

EUPOL Afghanistan hosts Eid party

Kabul, 6. August 2014. Dancing, listening to Afghan traditional music, sharing kebab and dumplings (mantu) and building relationships: senior leaders from the Afghan National Police, the Ministry of Interior and the Afghan Attorney General’s Office gathered at EUPOL HQ for a Eid ul-Fitr party marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan. EUPOL has taken the first opportunity after the official Eid festivities to host the party.

EUPOL condemns attack at Kabul Military Academy

Kabul. On Tuesday, 5 August 2014, US Major General, Harold J. Greene was killed in a shooting at the Kabul Military Academy. General Greene was the deputy commanding general for the Combined Security Transition Command, involved in preparations for the withdrawal of coalition troops at the end of the year. In the same incident many other coalition and Afghan officers were injured, including a Brigadier General from Germany.

Community consultation in PD 16: sharing mutual expectations

Kabul, August 2014. What does a community expect of its police? And what are the expectations of police from community? Leadership of Police District 16 in Kabul and relevant community representatives came together on 3-4 August to find the answers on a workshop organized by the Afghan NGO Sanayee Development Organization in cooperation with PD 16 leadership and Police-e Mardume Unit from Kabul City Police (KCP). The workshop was facilitated by EUPOL Kabul Field Office.

Last POLASTRIS workshop held – but the story continues

Kabul, August 2014. Policies and strategies are developed by the Ministry of Interior in Kabul but very often they are not effectively communicated to police officers outside the capital. This is where the POLASTRIS project (Policy and Strategy Implementation Support Project) steps in to overcome the gap: Its aim is to enhance the Ministry of Interiors (MoI) capabilities and to assist them to implement and execute police policies down to the provincial and district levels. The last of 36 workshops was recently held in Kabul. To have a long-term impact, a train-the trainer course will subsequently be developed for police officers to teach them how to work with policies in their own regions.  

Treating animals and saving human lives

Kabul, July 2014. There are people In Afghanistan and all over the world who unselfishly dedicate themselves to welfare of animals, taking care of them and giving a new chance for maltreated creatures. Every now and then they hear the question “Why? Shouldn’t we take care of the suffering people first”? But that’s what Kabul based organization, Nowzad Dogs, do: while vaccinating dogs they fight against rabies which kills about 1000 people in Afghanistan every year.

Book launch at Attourney General’s Office

Kabul, July 2014. It was a day of celebration for Attourney General Mohammad Ishaq Aloko in Kabul: recently he proudly presented the newly published book “Attourney General’s Office (AGO) and performance in the last 12 years” to a distinguished audience, consisting of Omar Daudzai, Ministry of Interior, National Assembly and Supreme court members as well as trusted partners from the international community.

Community Policing course in Herat: Proactive Policing for the People

Herat, July 2014. Thirty Police officers have had a two days training in Community Policing (Police-e Mardume) concepts in Herat City. According to the Chief of Police-e Mardume, Colonel Nikzad and his team, the course is in line with the Afghan National Police and EUPOL strategies, to have all police officers trained in Community Policing.
The thirty police officers, including two women, were drawn from various units of Herat District. The training, which was an integral part of EUPOL’s comprehensive Project Phoenix, was held at Police District 3 headquarters in Herat.

Eid mubarak! اختر مو مبارک شه - عید شما مبارک باد

Kabul, 27 July 2014. Eid mubarak message from Pia Stjernvall, Acting Head of Mission. See below link to Youtube video and text in English, Dari and Pashto. http://youtu.be/1lUqrVlJqFU

"On behalf of EUPOL Afghanistan I extend my very best wishes to the people of Afghanistan on the joyful occasion of Eid al Fitr. This is a time for families and for the celebration of what binds humanity together, both in Afghanistan and many Muslim communities worldwide.