Being an observer at the election audit: “An eye-opening experience”

Kabul, September 2014. EUPOL’s Project Management Officer, Linda Aitio from Finland and EUPOL's Rule of Law Mentor to Ministry of Interior, Sander Agterhuis, from the Netherlands, provide some brief reflections on their time as an international observer at the election audit.

Question: How many times did you observe at the IEC?

Sander Agterhuis: I actually went a lot, between the end of July and the end of the process, over twenty times.

Strategic advisers to Afghan Ministry of Interior agree further collaboration

Kabul, September 2014. An informal BBQ at EUPOL Headquarters on 7 September marked the start of a closer cooperation between a range of international advisers to the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI). Present were Police and Rule of Law advisers and representatives from EUPOL Afghanistan, ISAF, German Police Project Team (GPPT), the International Police Coordination Board (IPCB) and UNAMA who agreed to harmonize and collaborate further their support to the MoI as senior advisors. The dinner hosted by EUPOLs Acting Head of Mission, Pia Stjernvall, provided an excellent opportunity for interaction and networking among the guests.

EUPOL’s Support to the Afghan Election Audit Process Ends

Kabul, September 2014. EUPOL mission volunteers have now returned from international election observer duties after several weeks of observation at the Election Commission Headquarters. This process was given the highest priority by the mission and took priority over daily business to ensure that EUPOL played its part in expediting this historic event.

Subsequently a total 44 mission members came forward and received training from the EU Election Assessment Team.  These volunteers were then deployed at the Independent Election Commission Headquarters on a rotational basis working either a morning or an afternoon shift, over several weeks.

One step closer to the creation of an educational department inside Attorney General's Office

Kabul, September 2014. The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) is one step closer to the creation of its own educational department. This was the conclusion of the AGO’s High Council Meeting to which Attorney General, Muhammad Ishaq Aloko has invited representatives from EUPOL Afghanistan, IDLO (International Development Law Organization), JSSP (Justice Sector Support Program), and INL (Bureau of International Narcotic and Law Enforcement). 

Afghan experts deliver “Access to Legal Aid System” training in Herat

Herat, September 2014. Another important step towards Afghan ownership has been made in Herat with the recent Access to Legal Aid System (ATLAS) Training, held between 23 and 27 August and hosted by the Afghan Independent Bar Association (AIBA). For five days 24 participants (12 ANP officers, 6 prosecutors, 3 lawyers, 3 members of Ministry of Justice Legal Aid Department) attended the course. It was delivered by three Afghan trainers who belong to the local pool of trainers EUPOL Field Office Herat has been supporting since 2012.

Latest edition of EUPOL newsletter is out!

Kabul, September 2014. The latest edition of our EUPOL newsletter (August issue) is out. Do you want to know more about community policing and how it is implemented in Police District 16 in Kabul? What are the thoughts of Michael Holdsworth who has been with EUPOL as a mentor for five years? Also an interesting read is a hands-on training (mock crime scene) for detectives and the kick-off for the Electronic staffing database (E-Tashkeel) which is expected to revolutionise the Human Resources Management of the Afghan National Police.

“I will never give up whatever it takes”

 Kabul, September 2014. The police officer points to a banner with the Code of Conduct for the Afghan National Police and says: “This is what all policemen should know by heart and what we teach.” He knows the text for sure: After 9 years on the job in different units, Second Lieutenant Mohammad Massoud Jasoor, had been appointed 18 months ago as the Head of Training and Education in Police District 11 (PD 11) in Kabul.

“What can the police do for you? Call 119!”

Kabul, August 2014. A policeman surrounded bv smiling children is on the cover page of the cartoon book titled: “What can the police do for you? Call 119!” In this beautifully illustrated book several emergencies are portrayed in which Afghan citizens ring the phone number 119, the emergency number of the Afghan National Police (ANP). In each incident, the police arrives swiftly and solves the problem. In sum, 9.000 cartoon books in Dari and Pashto have been produced by EUPOL Community Policing Department. They will be distributed in schools in Kabul and in the provinces as part of the Police-e Mardume outreach programme by dedicated police units.

Project Phoenix in Kabul: Impeding community policing methods to every Police District

Kabul, August 2014. “I have given an order to our gate, that if a suspect is brought in here and then suddenly left to go, they have to stop the suspect on the gate and bring him in here in my office. I will then make some investigations of my own.” This is one of ways in which General Khwaja Jelani, commander of the Police District 16 (PD 16) in Kabul uproots corruption – the poison that could destroy the relationship between police and citizens.

Disaster police and 119 cooperation workshop

 Kabul, August 2014. EUPOL organised a workshop to establish cooperation between the Fire and Disaster Police and 119 Call Center in Kabul. The Chief of Community Policing at the Afghan Ministry of Interior Brigadier General Homayoon Ainee and the Deputy Head of Fire and Disaster Police Brigadier General Tajuddin participated in the workshop.

EUPOL Fire Mentors gave a presentation about European methods of dispatching units, Incident Command System and European system of sharing responsibility between Emergency Dispatch Center and Fire Department’s Operation Room.