Eid Mubarak - video message

I would like to wish all you Eid Mubarak at this important time of the year. I hope the holy month of Ramadan went well for you and I wish you and your families a relaxing Eid al Fitr. I also look forward at this time of the year: I am sure that the next 10 months will be a positive but also challenging time for us. We are opening of the new Police Staff College and Crime Management College which will be run by our Afghan colleagues. Both academies will contribute to the further development of the Afghan National Police – this will contribute to a better security in the country –essential in the light of the upcoming presidential elections.

EUPOL hosts Iftar Dinner

Kabul. Ramadan for Muslims is a month of sharing, inviting, fasting and praying. In this spirit, senior leaders from the Afghan National Police, the Ministry of Interior and the Afghan Attorney General’s Office gathered to take part in an Iftar dinner at EUPOL Headquarters. Karl Ake Roghe, EUPOL Head of Mission, hosted Afghan generals, colonels, lawyers, prosecutors and counterparts from Kabul to join him for the traditional meal in which Muslims break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan.

Police-e Mardume reaches out to tribal elders in Ghor

Ghor. Reaching out to communities and gain trust: this is the goal of the Police-e Mardume (Community Policing) team in Ghor. Several meetings with elders, Ulama (scholars) and representatives of the villages were organised by the Afghan police, where community policing was introduced, public safety and security were discussed. The first result: the Police-e Mardume is perceived as positive. “I am sure this new approach is going to have a very positive effect on the security situation in our province,” said Abdul Qayoom, a tribal elder. Another small success: During the meeting with representatives and Ulama (scholars), there was a green light from the local people to cooperate with the Afghan National Police.

Gender and Gender Mainstreaming

Kabul. EUPOL Training Component jointly with the EUPOL Gender and Human Rights Office conducted a workshop on Gender and Gender Mainstreaming for the International Trainers within the EUPOL Training Component.

EUPOL-GIZ Collaboration Agreement Signed

Kabul, 28 July 2013. The European Union Police Mission in Afghanistan (EUPOL Afghanistan) and GIZ signed a collaboration agreement in a ceremony which took place in EUPOL HQ today. The agreement was signed by the EUPOL Head of Mission Karl Åke Roghe and Peter Palesch, the Country Directory of GIZ in Afghanistan and Wolf Plesmann, the Portfolio Director of GIZ in Afghanistan.

EUPOL Head of Mission Karl Åke Roghe expressed his opinion on the importance of EUPOL-GIZ cooperation in Afghanistan. “EUPOL is looking forward to working with GIZ, our joint support will surely bring positive changes in different areas in this country, especially in building a democratic police force”, said Karl Åke Roghe.

Curriculum Design Course: Afghan solutions to Afghan problems

Kabul. “Great methods in a safe and warm learning environment, especially the many practical situations were helpful,” it is one of the comments EUPOL Developing Specialist Jan Leenslag gets when he evaluates the three-week Afghan Training Developer’s Course. Nine experienced trainers from the Afghan National Police Academy participated in this new pilot course which is to be accredited by the Professional Development Board. At the board, NTM-A found it a course to be used in future for their own training development.

EUPOL Afghanistan newsletter is out

Kabul. The latest edition of the EUPOL Afghanistan newsletter is out. This time the focus in on community policing - a concept heavily support by Minister of Interior, General Patang. Also in it: The first general order from an Afghan Police Commander to improve the working conditions of female police, a scenario-based training in Kunduz, and many more general stories on EUPOL activities. Download here: http://tinyurl.com/optuqhp

First Afghan trainer delivered Community Policing Course

Kabul. First Sergeant Ahmad Jawed has become a role model for transition in EUPOL Kabul Field Office: he was the first Afghan trainer delivering on his own a one week community policing course. 14 police officers graduated recently, and proudly Jawed handed them over their certificates. “It turned out that he is a natural talent and exceeded our expectations,” says EUPOL mentor Oana Neagu.

Kabul Police breaks new grounds with decree to improve conditions for female police

Kabul. The Chief of Kabul City Police, General Ayoub Salangi, has broken new grounds when it comes to improve the conditions for female police officers. As the first police commander in Afghanistan he signed on 13 July a decree in which he orders all police officers under his command to provide female police officers with better working conditions, preventing their mistreatment and improving gender equality.

Advanced Crime Management Course showed results

Kabul. A murder case in Kabul: Detective Mohammed* (*name changed) is called to the murder scene and starts to investigate. “We received a report that someone was killed in his house, and the initial report indicated that the person was shot from the outside.” He and his team start to collect evidence, interrogate persons inside the house. Mohammed realised after looking at all the evidence that the initial report was wrong: “It was clear to me that the person must be shot inside the house.” He also admits: “Without the new evidence gathering techniques I learned in the EUPOL course, I might have come to a different conclusion.” The investigations are still ongoing.