Police-e Mardume / Community-based Policing

After the successful project in Police District 3 (PD3) of Kabul, EUPOL helps to introduce principles of community-based policing in other parts of the country, i.e. in Chagcharan, Feyzabad, Mazar-e Sharif, Kunduz, Bamyan, Herat and Helmand, and in other PDs of Kabul. In this project, which is financially supported by the EU, GIZ and UK, EUPOL helps to reform one or more police districts into a model for a more effective and more community-oriented policing by training, advising and mentoring and through the provision of small equipment.

Step-by-step EUPOL helps the ANP in transforming into a Police Service. PD 3 in Kabul is nowadays seen as a professional police district as shown by public perception surveys that were conducted. Mutual respect between the police and the people reigns in Police District 3 (PD3) which has been selected by EUPOL Afghanistan as one of its pilot projects. Since its start in spring 2010, the project’s ambitious aim to reform one police district in central Kabul into a role model for a new civilian and democratic police is step by step becoming reality. Honest and hardworking police officers are the ones who make the difference of building trust.

The district was well chosen by EUPOL. Located in the centre of Kabul with an area of 5,9 square kilometers, it is the home of around 450,000 inhabitants from different ethnicities, mostly Tajiks, Hazaras and Pashtuns. Academic institutions such as the Kabul University are based there.




Colonel Samsour, Chief of PD 9.





Afghan Ownership

Afghan ownership is the cornerstone of the project. Securing the needs of The Afghan National Police is the way to succeed in reforming Afghan Uniform Civilian Police. Therefore the management at PD3 will be responsible for the operational planning and fulfillment of the project goals.


The EUPOL led project is a cooperative effort between the Afghan Uniform Civilian Police, Kabul Police District 3 and since 2012 also Kabul Police District 9, Ministry of Interior and NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan (NTM-A).


Build an easily approachable Police Service  -  Gainthe trust of the public  -  Developintelligence led policing with existing Afghan Police models, and a functional Police Command, Control and Communications system  -  Strengthen the cooperation between the police and the judiciary

Mentoring and Training

EUPOL officers provide advice and mentoring on a daily basis to their local colleagues throughout the project. The mentoring and training is conducted mainly by EUPOL staff in the City Police and Justice Programme, Intelligence Led Policing, Police Command, Control, Communications, and Training Unit with support from NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan (NTM-A).