EUPOL’s mandate is to contribute to the establishment of sustainable and effective civil policing arrangements that will ensure appropriate interaction with the wider criminal justice system under Afghan ownership. As part of our institutional and capacity strengthening efforts, Rule of Law (RoL) Justice Department delivers together with our national counterparts specialized EUPOL Training coursess as well as technical Mentoring to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and Ministry of Interior (MoI).

Police-Justice Cooperation

Enhanced cooperation between police and the justice system, in particular prosecutors, is one of the five Strategic Objectives of the EUPOL Mission. Our goal is to improve the delivery of justice through professionally performed investigations while consolidating public trust, strengthening the rule of law and ensuring continuous recourse to the formal Afghan justice system.

EUPOL has provided major support to the establishment of an Afghan-developed Police-Prosecutor Cooperation Manual, which is used in the CoPP Project targeting 1000regional police officers and prosecutors. The Manual has extensively been used in other training initiatives by several international organizations. Together with the Justice and Criminal Procedure Training (JCP) they provide the backbone of our concerted effort to strengthen the rule of law in Afghanistan.

Whereas CoPP places focus on the investigation and the pre-trial face, JCP is centered on trial proceedings and the role of the justice system.

Strengthening the Judiciary

An important part of our work is carried out through Mentoring Activities with the Ministry of the Interior (MoI) and the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). Regular EUPOL RoL mentoring sessions are conducted on a weekly basis.

EUPOL RoL Mentors are advising on implementation of various national initiatives for improving cooperation between the ANP and the Judiciary as well as working with the Director of the Criminal Law Division at the Legislative Department at the MoJ and the Director of the Planning, Policy and Foreign Affairs Department.

Access to Justice

Most criminal defendants lack access to defense counsel as there is little interaction between police and defense lawyers/legal aid providers. The lack of access to justice is seriously undermining public trust in the police and thus the State with implications for peace and stability in Afghanistan. EUPOL is committed to facilitate sustainable recourse to the wider criminal justice system while mainstreaming respect for human rights and gender.

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