“Strengthening police and justice systems through the establishment of sustainable, effective policing arrangements that respect and enhance enjoyment of human rights and rule of law.” The programme of EUPOL Field Office is implemented in 12 Afghan provinces based on the successes and lessons learned from EUPOL’s Kabul Programme.  Among its successes are the consolidation of police capabilities and resources in Kabul region.  Among its lessons learned are the necessity of a well functioning relationship between police and justice system, and the inherent value of mainstreaming community policing into the work of Afghan National Police – emphasising the interaction with the community in order to control crime and reduce fear.


 Examples of EUPOL’s work in EUPOL Field Offices

·        Command/Management training and mentoring of Senior Afghan National Police.

·        Training and mentoring Criminal Investigation Departments.

·         Building greater cooperation between police and prosecutors through training.

·         Developing the capability of the Inspector General to investigate high- level corruption cases.

·         Promoting equal access to police services for Afghan women. 

Integrated Security Plan

The programme of EUPOL Field Offices incorporates a tailored, integrated security plan for each community in which it works.

EUPOL's focus:

Police Command, Control and Communications

By focusing on Police Command, Control and Communications EUPOL is committed to strengthening the capacity of the Afghan National Police leadership to consolidate a clear chain of command and to improve personnel management and leadership skills, such as effective reporting and record management.

Intelligence-Led Policing

The EUPOL Mission promotes Intelligence-Led Policing to facilitate a proactive approach to police work. Intelligence-Led Policing places intelligence and information gathering at the centre of decision making, allowing the Afghan National Police to respond to information gained from the community and disrupt criminal activity.

Criminal Investigations Capability

EUPOL is improving core skills among Afghan Criminal Investigation Teams through training, mentoring, monitoring and other support.  EUPOL aims to ensure that central reform efforts to enhance Afghan National Police Criminal Investigation capabilities are replicated at the provincial level.


EUPOL supports the Anti-Corruption Plan of the Ministry of Interior at the national and regional levels. The Mission has taken a lead in training and mentoring regional Anti-Corruption teams.  EUPOL plays a critical role in the creation of a digital filing and case tracking system to monitor detected corruption cases,  ensuring the implementation of anti-corruption legislation and supporting public awareness campaigns.

Police-Justice Cooperation

A synergy between the police and the judicial system is vital to enhance public trust and access to the formal Afghan criminal justice. EUPOL implements programmes linking improved policing with an effective criminal justice in partnership with the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Justice, the Afghan courts system and the Attorney General’s Office.

Gender Equality and Other Human Rights Standards

EUPOL is helping to introduce reforms that will prioritise awareness and adherence to international human rights standards throughout policing and justice system. EUPOL also focuses on the development of the Afghan National Police capacity to respond to gender-based violence and to advance women’s participation in policing throughout Afghanistan.