The Police Component is part of the overall European Union support to the Afghan authorities in the rule of law area. We assist the Afghan National Police (ANP) in working towards a multi-ethnic police that is free from political interference and serves the people of Afghanistan. At the same time a trustworthy and supportive police service needs to be in place in order to cooperate closely with the communities to prevent and detect crime

We do this by monitoring, mentoring, training and advising the ANP. Therefore, some EUPOL police officers are co-located with their ANP counterparts. As we respect the principle of local ownership EUPOL police officers basically act in a supportive role. The ANP, not EUPOL, is in the lead.

Afghanistan needs a strong police force to contribute to peace, security and safety to the Afghan people in a society based on the rule of law. The mandate instructs EUPOL to contribute to the establishment of sustainable and effective policing arrangements in all parts of Afghanistan.

With an international staff of experienced police officers from member states in the European Union and from Canada, Croatia, New Zealand and Norway, EUPOL is providing training to the Afghan National Police.

The Mission also monitors, mentors and advises at the level of the Afghan Ministry of Interior, regions and provinces and is doing so in close cooperation with international partners in the International Police Coordination Board.

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