EU High Representative Ashton on Criminal Procedure Code in Afghanistan

Brussels, 10 February 2014. The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the Commission, EU High Representative Catherine Ashton, issued a following statement on the Criminal Code Procedure in Afghanistan:

"I am very concerned that this new law would restrict prosecutions for domestic violence and child abuse in Afghanistan.If the draft law is passed, it could be used to stop the relatives of alleged abusers from appearing as prosecution witnesses in court. This could be a serious backward step in the justified and legimitate struggle for the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan.

First Female Executive Board for policewomen formed

Kabul. The General Human Rights (GHR) unit of the Kabul City Police celebrated the official inauguration of its Female Executive Board. In the event which was held at the end of January 2014, 120 policewomen from Kabul and representatives of national and International NGO’s were present. After numerous obstacles and delays, the Female Executive Board was formed and all female police officers from Police Districts around Kabul had the opportunity to meet and greet their representatives.

First best practice awards for Afghan National Police

Kabul. On February 3, 2014, EUPOL Kabul Field Office hosted for the first time a Policing and Best Practice Event at Intercontinental Hotel, which marked three major developments of EUPOL Afghanistan: the finalisation of Best Practice Awards for police districts in Kabul, the launch of the Kabul City Police website and the achievement of another important milestone which is recognising the participation of Police Districts (PDs) four, five, nine and eleven in EUPOLs Police Project Phoenix.

Kabul City Police website launched

Kabul, 3 February 2014. The use of the internet in Afghanistan is increasing rapidly and it is estimated that there are over one million internet users in Kabul. Recognizing this trend, EUPOL Afghanistan, has supported Kabul City Police  to develop its its own website. The official launch took place on 3 February by the Head of Communications of the Afghan Ministry of Interior, Sidiq Siddique, in front of of senior police chiefs in Kabul and members of the international community. 

The EU hands over two state-of-the-art training facilities to the Afghan National Police

 Kabul, 2 February 2014. On behalf of the European Union Ambassador Franz-Michael Mellbin, EU Special Representative and Head of the EU Delegation to Afghanistan today handed over the new Afghan National Police Staff College and the Afghan National Police Crime Management College to the Ministry of the Interior, represented by its Deputy Minister for Security, General Mohammad Ayoub Salangi. The 13 Million Euro investment by the EU will facilitate stronger and more professional leadership skills amongst senior Afghan Police Officers as well as more efficient and up-to-date crime prevention and investigation measures.

EUPOL mourns loss of staff members killed in attack

Kabul, 26 January 2014. The Danish EUPOL civilian staff member and the British member of the close protection team working with EUPOL Afghanistan killed in an attack in Kabul on 17 January were remembered for their courage, their enthusiasm, their sense of humour, their smiles and professionalism. These descriptions were among many that circulated during the memorial service on 26 January.

Around 300 colleagues, friends and representatives from the international community,  the Afghan Ministry of Interior and Afghan National Police attended the service at EUPOL.

National Human Trafficking Seminar

Kabul, 22-23 January, 2014. Human Trafficking in Afghanistan, the definition of Human Trafficking, the detection of Human Trafficking, coordination between authorities, how to support the victims, reporting structure and National Information and Management System (NIMS), were all the topics discussed in the second Seminar on National Human Trafficking, held at the Serena Hotel in Kabul.

Final Farewells

Kabul, 22/23 January 2014. The remains of the Danish EUPOL civilian staff member and the British member of the close protection team working with EUPOL Afghanistan who were killed in Kabul on 17 January have both left Afghan soil. The Danish EUPOL mission member left for her final journey home to Denmark on 22 January, the British close protection officer on 23 January.

Female police strategy launched in Kabul

Kabul, 21 January 2014. The first female police strategy has been kicked off in Kabul:  Around 200 participants including provincial commanders from the Ministry of Interior, the Afghan National Police, representatives from the Afghan Parliament, the  Ministry of Women Affairs and the international community gathered at National Commanders’ Conference in Kabul for discussions around female police and how to improve their work environment.  

Leadership and management workshops for Afghan Directorate of Police Intelligence

Kabul, January 2014. Over the last three months four EUPOL trainers from the Police Staff College have delivered a series of leadership and management workshops to the management team of the Directorate of Police Intelligence (DPI).  The 22 participants ranged in rank from Colonel to General and are the Heads of departments and units with responsibility for setting the policing priorities and the objectives of the DPI.